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it's only Tuesday

What the hell's wrong with my LJ client? Why won't it log in? Why do I get the tremendously helpful error message of "error"?

I'm cranky this morning. Maybe my car issues are catching up to me, or maybe I'm just tired, or maybe I'm annoyed at being late every day. Even though it's my fault.

Last night we went to school to make up the test we missed last week. I'm pretty sure I scored a 100%. Maybe not, actually, but close. Then we went to my parents house because my grandparents from South Dakota were there. No one told me they were coming, I had to find out from my brother YESTERDAY that they were on the way and would be there in a matter of hours. Then last night I took apart my clippers and can-of-aired them and used rubbing alcohol to get all the little hairs off the blades and then put them back together and oiled them... voila! Super vibrating cutting like brand new clippers, and I can shave again. Well done to me.

Now tonight we have Speech class. At least we don't have to give any speeches this week... I'm not in the mood today. I have to study for my Econ exam also.

Leah, I'm interested in my Eddie Izzard tape. When does that come out?

Props to poetryslam for this... You know, it really wouldn't surprise me to see that done in seriousness. There are billboards between here and Kansas City that say "Accept Jesus Christ...OR REGRET IT FOREVER!!" Can you believe that shit?

Plain non-flavored oatmeal is disgusting. I threw all the packets of "Original Flavor" (as though to imply that the taste in your mouth when you eat is qualifies as a flavor) in the trash.

Thanks to poetryslam I now have America by Simon & Garfunkel stuck in my head. Good song though. There are worse things I could have stuck in my head.


I like this one.

Avebury Trusloe, nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 2nd June.

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