I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

me (9:41:09 AM): Friday at 2:00 we're having a company picnic
tandra (9:41:23 AM): ok
tandra (9:41:29 AM): you want me to come or something?
me (9:41:45 AM): they're raising money by offering nominations for 25 cents each or 5 for a dollar
me (9:41:53 AM): when you nominate someone it's actually a vote
tandra (9:42:03 AM): a vote for what?
me (9:42:11 AM): the five people with the highest vote totals are the targets
me (9:42:29 AM): at the picnic, you pay money to have someone put a blindfold on you and throw water balloons at the targets
tandra (9:42:35 AM): the targets for what, archery practice? Ooo, count me in, I vote for Darla
me (9:42:57 AM): Darla's in fourth
me (9:43:03 AM): the person with the highest count right now has 200
me (9:43:05 AM): that's $40
me (9:43:17 AM): I WANT LINDA.
tandra (9:43:22 AM): I know you do
me (9:43:38 AM): but she only has 25 and I'm not spending $50 on that
tandra (9:44:14 AM): Oh, come on, you know it will be worth the 50
me (9:44:26 AM): if I had the 50 to drop I'd do it in a heartbeat
tandra (9:44:40 AM): I bet
me (9:44:49 AM): and then I'd pelt her with water balloons
tandra (9:45:04 AM): lets pelt her with water balloons anyway

I love my girlfriend
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