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Today is Wednesday, which means you get the weekly dumb quote from my dumbass Speech instructor.

She was discussing her feelings regarding 9/11 a year ago and how her feelings probably weren't politically correct... "...the rest of the world can suck it! We're gonna go beat some ass! ... I was ready to find a Muslim and beat the hell out of them." Of course she went on to talk about how that wasn't right and all... but you don't say that shit in front of a CLASS.

Plus she watches Letterman, not Leno. She talked about how she hurried up to get home the first night Letterman was on again after this to see what he would say. She described how he was angry and pounded the desk and said "goddammit!". "He incited me to violence! The president diffused my anger, but Letterman incited me! Letterman should be president, not Bush!" What an idiot.

Tonight we ride to OC. shekill, I expect to see you there. Today is Bruce's birthday so I have to figure out something to do for him.

I'm all out of crop circles, at least good ones. I'll keep checking for new ones.
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