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Last night we rode to OC and back but we didn't do much in between. It was Bruce's birthday so we stayed at OC longer than usual just hanging out. It was fun. shekill was there and she's more fun than a barrel of monkeys. We also had a waitress we'd never had before and she was actually pretty competent, so that made the night go more smoothly. She was also totally cool with us bringing a tablecloth, cake, streamers, balloons, etc. In fact she brought out more balloons, so that's cool. I'm glad no one was worried about it.

I was really late getting in to work today. I didn't wake up until 12 minutes before I was supposed to be here. I debated calling in sick and I thought and thought to try to come up with an excuse I hadn't used some variant of already. Tandra said she would be my scapegoat so if I get asked I will probably go that route. Tandra is cool :-)


As I mentioned yesterday I'm out of crop circles, so I'm going to something much more typical - cars. I like all kinds of cars, as long as they go fast, so I'll be posting a car of the day. I'll still check the crop circles, and whenever there are new ones, I'll post them instead, but it looks like the season is coming to a close.

The car of the day is not meant to be the ultimate car. It's not there to be the fastest or the prettiest or anything else. I might post a picture of a Le Mans car, or a rally car, or a street car, or a car stereo, or whatever.

Today it's the Toyota TS020 GT-One.

This car has a 3.6 litre twin-turbo V8. It makes around 600 hp and weighs 1984 lbs. The engine is mounted amidships and the car has a 6-speed transmission.

This car led the 24 hours of Le Mans race in 1999 up until the last hour when it had a tire blowout. It still finished second.

This is one of my favorite cars in Gran Turismo 2 and 3.

A cool explanation of some of the unique aerodynamic properties of the GT-One.
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