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There is an infinite and everlasting clash that exists between the young and the old. The old generation, set in their orderly ways, systematic, predictable. Then the new, young generation, frantic with their efforts to change everything, energetic, restless, both naive and stubborn. But somewhere along the line something happens, a compromise here, a sacrifice there, until one by one the wills of the youth collapse. They become convinced of the necessity of conforming to the systems in order to survive, and without even realizing it they have become the older generation, following blindly, questioning nothing.

Every generation seeks out its own particular medium in which it can act out its individuality, screaming to demonstrate that it is completely seperate from the one before. Frantically struggling to express that it is nothing like any other generation that has ever been. But in this struggle itself the theory is disproven because every generation carries out the same struggle.

Every old generation has those who attempt to bridge the gap from old to young, in an effort to help the young across. Some are successful, some are not.

Every young generation has those it leaves behind in its transition from young to old. Those who refuse to take that step for whatever reason, those who are incapable, and others who simply never get around to it.

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