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Company Picnic

right... so the company picnic is going on right now. Note that I am temporarily misplaced. This is intentional.

I went downstairs and outside. The thing is being catered by Spear's. That's cool, their food is all right. So I'm standing around trying to figure out whether I want to hang out with the geek club (IT) or the smarmy slick-e-boy salesman who's all chummy with me when I get roped into SERVING. Meaning, EATING LAST. Which sucks because I'm hungry. But the CEO (yes, the bitch) is serving two spots away from me so I can't really tell anyone to find someone else to do it. Fine, so I do it. Finally we finish and I get my food and I sit down. Next to the sales guy. He's actually a really nice guy. So I'm eating, and the flies are just amazingly bad. So bad that it's all everyone is talking about. So I'm both eating and swatting, looking like a tard (just like everyone else). My hot dog is overcooked. The cole slaw is awful. THEN, one of the retards starts puking. That's right. Just puking. I guess he had something caught in his throat or something, but whatever, I don't care. He's puking. Loudly. Repeatedly. As I'm trying to eat. I didn't look but I could still HEAR it. DISGUSTING. So I got up and left and grabbed some BBQ chicken and came inside, up to my office.

Later on I have to help with one of the retarded games they're doing. This is one of those events that has "DOOR PRIZES" that no one wants. T-shirts that sponsor shit like ziploc bags, VHS movies you've never heard of, carnival prize toys, a safety orange sleeping bag, a smaller than regulation size soccer ball, etc. I really would rather just stay up here and work.

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