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Weekend Update, with Kevin Nealon

who, by the way, wasn't funny at all and never has been. Like Will Ferrell. Who told him he was funny? I hate that guy.

DISCLAIMER: This weekend was too good to use an abbreviated format.

Friday night Tandra and I went to see Signs. It was all right. I'm not sure I dig this new trend in alien movies though. See, 20 or 25 years ago you had movies coming out like Close Encounters and E.T... now you have stuff like Signs and Independence Day. What happened to the days of the aliens being good guys and benevolent and all that stuff? I guess the "aliens are bad" theme isn't all that new, now that I think about it. (War of the Worlds)

Saturday was a damn good day. Got to sleep in all late, and then Tandra and I got up and went shopping. But not your usual crap mall/Target/whatever shopping. We went all the way up and down Douglas avenue, which has tons of little shops that aren't trendy and aren't chains. We went to hobby shops and a new gay bookstore and a place with Chinese artwork and stuff and we stopped to eat at a Greek deli. We went to a really big antique store (I love 60's furniture) and we went to a place that custom makes jewelry. Tandra is going to get a firefly wedding ring and they are going to do some concept sketches for us, so that's cool. Douglas goes through downtown, and downtown on the weekend is a pretty cool, pretty mellow place. It was cloudy all day and probably didn't get over 75 degrees. It rained, lightly, on and off. Walking up and down Douglas in the light drizzle was nice. I REALLY REALLY WANTED a camera Saturday. Gots to get me one. Then after shopping we went home and had wonderful fantastic sex with the windows open listening to the rain. It was nice. Then Saturday night we left the house at 10PM to do laundry and didn't get home until about 12:15AM. That kinda sucked, but I walked to Sonic and got a blended root beer float, and that's a damn fine thing. I love those.

Sunday we woke up to about 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We went to the Air Show at the local Air Force Base. Watched some cool stuff. At one point a P-47, a P-51, and an F-15 were all flying in formation. Pretty cool. Then of course we got to watch the Blue Angels do stuff like this

and this

and this

and this

So that's fun. Those aren't my pictures though, and I REALLY REALLY WANTED a camera Sunday. Then we went to get the kids, and Nicodemus and I went to my parents house for burgers on the grill and video games. My brother has WRC so I got to play that some, and when he leaves on Saturday I get to keep it. WOO HOO!

Yesterday I got a sunburn. This morning when I left the house I could see my breath. :-)

Thursday I'm leaving work at noon to go to Lawrence to see the Samples. My brother's going with us. That will be lots of fun. We can't afford to stay up there though so we're driving back after the concert. I'll be dead ass tired by then, so that's why I'm not coming back to work until noon Friday. I can sleep in a bit and then have a half day before the weekend. It will be a nice short week. Hopefully I can talk my transmission guy into letting me take my car since I can't pay for it until Friday.

Saturday I have a dilemma. I can go with my dad to Kansas City to take my brother to the airport and see him off as he ships out to the Navy for who knows how long. Tandra can go with me and we can eat at the Rainforest Cafe which I've been telling her about. Or, I can go with Miah like I told him I would as he takes his '68 Charger to the Charger show/meet in El Dorado all day that day. What should I do?

What should I do Saturday?

Go see your brother off, you ungrateful bastard.
Keep your word and go to the car show, dumbass.
Obviously you're suffering from the delusion that I give a shit.


This is the 2000 Team Oreca Dodge Viper GTS.

This is a Viper GTS modified by Team Oreca to race in Le Mans races. It's got an 8 liter V10, like all Vipers, and weighs 2640 lbs. It's got a 6-speed manual transmission. It's made of a carbon fiber body and has a steel frame. It's even got carbon fiber BRAKES, 15" in the front and 14" in the rear. The tires sit on 12 by 18 inch BBS wheels. Production Vipers make between 425 and 500 hp, but I suspect the Team Oreca Viper is closer to 600.

The 1999 Oreca Viper

The Team Oreca Viper was the first Viper to compete in the American Le Mans race series, in 1999.
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