I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

this guy's funny

joe (1:58:58 PM): i'm distributing catheters and stuff at st joe
joe (1:59:12 PM): it's a weird job
joe (1:59:18 PM): i'm going to the peace corps in a few months
BsyChld424 (1:59:20 PM): that sounds weird
BsyChld424 (1:59:25 PM): oh yeah? what does that mean?
joe (1:59:46 PM): i will be going to africa to teach kids how to use the internet and farm and stuff
BsyChld424 (1:59:51 PM): wow
BsyChld424 (1:59:52 PM): cool
joe (1:59:55 PM): internet and farming are basically the same thing
BsyChld424 (2:00:15 PM): right, pretty close
joe (2:00:26 PM): you should make a website that will teach people how to farm, all online
joe (2:00:33 PM): the best of both worlds
BsyChld424 (2:00:49 PM): HA
BsyChld424 (2:00:55 PM): if I knew about farming
joe (2:01:11 PM): that's an important part
joe (2:01:22 PM): i think you just gotta dig holes for seeds and water them
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