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look for lots of LJ action from me today unless my mood improves substantially.

At least my car's back in the shop and I wasn't driving it - it's not insured. I just thought about that. Those fucking unorganized incompetent assholes at Gateway Insurance have never sent me a bill, they just took my money and insured me for a month or so and that was the end of it. Fuckers. I'm switching my car over to the policy that Tandra's car is under, with Farmers. I'm getting a damn good rate with them, and I've heard of them before, unlike the low-rent bastards who don't accept CASH at their office. CASH. OR CHECKS. You have to get a MONEY ORDER to get insurance there. How fucking retarded is that? No, cash isn't good enough, it might be..uhhh.. it's... we can't validate it. No, that's not what they said, but WTF. Is it just too much of a hassle to take cash money from people's hands and put it in your box? Christ.

I'm going to run away and join the Autobahn.
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