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right, weekly idiot quote

It's more of a situation this time than a direct quote.

Last night half the class had to give speeches, so I didn't have nearly the amount of material to choose from, so I'll give you a couple situations.

Last week she gave us instructions on the speech that was due this week. She gave us a checklist to look at while we grade the person's speech. She then divided us up into two groups, 1 and 2. Tandra and I both got group 2, and group 1's speech was the one due last night.

So last night we get in and get out our checklists in preparation to review someone's speech when Mrs Canfield issues the following in a very derisive and snotty tone: "You know what? Those are the lists I gave you *last* week. Now it's *this* week and the actual checklists you're going to *use* are different. So just keep your little checklists in your little bags and wait for me to pass out the one you actually *need*. It has a space for the name of the person whose speech you're reviewing."

WTF? She gave us a checklist to use, but it's the wrong one? Also, WTF? It's only wrong because there's no space for the name of the person we're "peer reviewing"?


Tandra and I both made the assumption that group 2 would peer review the speeches of group 1, and vice versa. No, it can't be that obvious or sensible. Group 1 peer reviews group 1's speeches on the weeks when group 1 gives speeches. Group 2 peer reviews the speeches given by the other members of group 2 on the weeks when group 2's speeches are due.

Again, WTF? So last night, there was absolutely no reason for us to even BE THERE?!?

Turned out she lectured for about half an hour, but what about next week? She specifically mentioned that she didn't have a lecture lined up, so why do the group 1 people even need to be there at all? What a dumb fucking bitch.

NEXT: She's being snotty about how we shouldn't turn the checklist in to her. We actually have to sit down and write a paper which is due the following week (maybe that's group 1's motivation to be there next week). She really gave us specific instructions as follows: "I want your name and the class period at the top of the word document but not in the header because I don't want it to print on all the pages. I want it left justified. Double space, and then put the words 'person reviewed' and a colon. Two spaces and their name. Then triple space down and write your paper there."

A third time... WTF?? WT fucking F? Control freak much?

At the end of the semester when they do teacher reviews I am going to rip her such a big asshole that she's going to have hemorrhoids up to her neck.

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