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oh my god... I feel like shit

my sinuses are all full of crap and they hurt and my head and throat hurt.

I'm going to Lawrence today to see the Samples. This is not a good development. I'm not in a good mood about this.

Last night we didn't ride because it kept threatening to rain. It finally did, about the time we would have been riding home, so I guess that's good. I wouldn't have minded riding home in the rain if I hadn't felt like I was getting sick.


The Audi TT

They have a FWD 180-hp 5 speed option but we'll pretend like that one doesn't exist.
The TT has a 1.8 liter turbocharged 225-hp engine with a 6-speed manual and Audi Quattro all wheel drive.

This is one of my favorite cars to see around. I have a Mini-Z RC TT. The Ford Focus WRC model I'm building is going to go on the chassis of the TT when I finish it.

Saw a Mini Cooper yesterday. Fun.
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