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weekend update, with Dennis Miller

Who ever told Dennis Miller he was funny? Who labeled him as a 'comedian'? Aren't comedians supposed to be funny? Dennis Miller isn't funny. He's just a guy who gets up in front of people and talks like a snob. It's not that I don't get his highbrow jokes, they just aren't funny. His banter takes too long to set up a joke and it's like he gets off on being obscure.

Nevermind me, I feel like ass this morning. I've probably already bitched about him before anyway.

Hung out at home
Got pics from my brother of the Samples concert
Brother dropped off PS2 stuff and the other dog, Annabelle :-)
Just bummed around

Skipped going to Kansas City to see my brother off
Skipped going to the Dodge Charger meet with Miah
Got denied for credit for a washer & dryer
Got cranky
Got a payday loan from the pawn shop (the APR is something like 225%)
Paid the electric and cable bills so they would stay on
Stayed cranky (Saturday was I Hate Money day)
Tandra went out with her friends
I stayed home and played video games

Hung out all day with Miah
Drove his '66 Charger
Drove his '92 Saturn
Got practice driving a manual (killed it twice)
Looked for targets for urban exploration
Found one particularly good prospect. Look for photos of that within the next couple weeks, I hope.
Also found an airplane graveyard belonging to Beechcraft/Raytheon.
Home, dinner, hung out with my baby and the kids
Watched John Q
Watched the Rally San Remo
Got tired of seeing Corrado Provera on TV at the end of every rally

This Morning:
Talked to a municipal court clerk. Found out I can take the ticket to court, pay about $50 or $60 more than the ticket would have cost me, and keep it off my record. Bonus.
Gotta figure out what to write my speech about. Bogus.

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