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Finally I get to spend more than 15 minutes at my desk today.

Today's Focus is ROCKIN

The Ford Focus WRC

WRC stands for World Rally Championship. If you've never looked into rally racing, you really should. NASCAR is boring because the instructions are as follows:

1. Drive fast
2. Turn left
3. Repeat

Rally racing is off-road racing over all different kinds of terrain - gravel, tarmac, snow, you name it. The cars are limited to 300 hp and they race one at a time for the fastest time. This is a kind of racing that's wildly popular in Europe but not so much here, and that's too bad. The technology that goes into these cars and everything surrounding this type of racing is just fascinating. I mean, where else is it legal for the fans to come out onto the track and roll your car back onto its wheels in order that you can go ahead and finish that stage? And where else do you finish the stage after rolling? Good stuff.

Anyway, enough about rallying and on to the car.

As I said, they are limited to 300 hp. The Ford Focus WRC is turbocharged and has a limiter on the intake which keeps it at or below 300 hp. It's got a 2 liter Cosworth tuned Duratec R engine. These engines are very highly modified with turbos, cold air intakes, etc. This car has permanent all wheel drive with all active differentials which can be adjusted on the fly from within the car. It's got a 6-speed manual transmission, but it works like an auto-stick. It's got a paddle near the steering wheel which you can just tap either way to change gears, no clutch needed. It's got fully adjustable suspension and huge brakes which vary in size depending on the surface the car will be running on. The steering is a high ratio system - two full turns lock to lock. It weighs just over 2700 lbs.

One of the coolest things about this car I think is the weight distribution. The front/rear weight distribution is 52%/48%, but (and this is the cool part) at speed, the rear wing causes enough downforce to balance it out at 50/50.

I know, I know... "Shut the hell up and show us the damn car!" (That is, if you give a damn.) Well, I've got pictures for all four of the basic elements.




And Fire (not the desired outcome)...
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