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right, drama last night...

thanks everybody for reminding me ;-)

So last night we get home from class and the guy who is newly moved into the other half of the duplex is yelling at his wife, cussing her out in front of his kids making them cry, talking all kinds of shit and just basically being a complete asshole. This fucking idiot even left the windows open and we could hear it all clearly. Asshole. I wanted to slit his throat. We called the cops on him and of course they didn't do shit. I wish I could get a camcorder and bust him being an ass doing something. One thing I'm sure of though - I won't tolerate much more of that at all. It won't take much more of that at all for me to go on a warpath to have them moved out. I won't have that shit close enough that my family is forced to hear it. Fuck that. I'll go psycho on his punk ass. He's just a skinny-ass little bitch-boy anyway who's pissed that he can't just be a man and take care of his family.

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