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yeah, the Ford Focus RS

yep, today wraps up Focus week. most of you are saying "thank god, put some real shit on there." Well, this is maybe the coolest Focus yet. Aside from the WRC Focus, that is.

The brand spanking new Ford Focus RS.

If you dream of driving a WRC Focus, this is as close as you'll get. For $30,000 US you can run over to Europe (since this beauty isn't available in the U.S.) and snag one. This baby is designed to emulate a WRC spec Focus as closely as possible while still remaining within the grasp of the average driver.

215 horsepower come out of the turbocharged engine. It's got an air-to-water intercooler. Here's a quote regarding the turbo system: "The intake system is fitted with a boost recalculation valve to minimise turbo lag. And it works. This engine likes to get up early and serve you breakfast with eggs sunny side up; 0-60 mph takes six seconds and the top speed is 144 mph."

I'm told that it corners better than the WRX, more like a Lotus, and is faster then the WRX or the Civic Type-R on any track. Wet weather handling is fantastic. It only has a 5-speed, but that's ok. It's geared more for acceleration and less for top end speed. Ooh, and it's got a starter button. :-)

It's the Rally Focus, for the lay person!

Markko Martin pilots a WRC spec Focus RS:
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