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what a weekend

So Friday night we were going to go out, but the people we were supposed to meet flaked. Which is ok with me because I was super tired and had a big day ahead of me, so we went home and crashed.

Saturday morning, woke up, packed my stuff up real quick, and we headed out. Picked up Miah, loaded up the bikes, and hit the road. took about 2 hours to get to Lawrence. We checked into the hotel. Travelodge in Lawrence. Our room smelled like piss, that was fun. Jess and Shea showed up about ten minutes later and checked into the room next to us. We unloaded our stuff and called Kevin who showed up about 20 minutes later. The girls went shopping, Miah, Kevin and I headed to Mass street to hit the bike shops before we ewnt riding. We did that, and then I found the tour buses. Hmmmmm. There was no way I could pass up a chance to at least try to meet the guys (Scott & Ken, The Crystal Method), but I wasn't driving and Miah and Kevin wanted to go ride. I explained how I felt and they understood, so when we got back to the hotel, they went riding. I picked up Shea and we headed back to Mass street. We wandered around for a while behind the theater and watched the roadies unload gear. After a while I finally mustered the nuts to go talk to the guys near the bus, and of course they said they hadn't seen the guys, but to try back later. Whatever... at this point I was feeling guilty about not being out riding with Miah, so we just left. I dropped Shea off and drove over to the skate park.

Yeah, that was cool. I tried three times to drop in from a double peg stall, and three times I fell on my ass. Enough of that shit. I'm done with that move. Bruised the SHIT out of my hip and shoulder, and scraped my arm. Not that I don't expect to fall when I ride, but I do expect at some point to NOT fall. Miah could tell how frustrated I was and asked me if I wanted to head down to Mass street and ride there. Of course I did, so we did that. That was a little better, although it was after we unloaded the bikes that Kevin mentioned, "oh yeah, you can't ride on the sidewalks." Nice. So we rode around in the alleys behind the shops and I practiced a little bit of trials type stuff while those two practiced flatland tricks. Kevin's better than I am at biking, and that sucks because I've been trying for a year, and he's been trying for a month. I guess I'm just more scared of falling down than he is. What a puss I am.

We went back to the hotel, finally, and found the girls with J and Gretchen outside drinking beer. Tandra found a shirt that simply says "Trouble" on it. How fitting. Plus she looked really damn hot in it, with the pants she'd also bought. So we all cleaned up and went to some place for dinner, until we discovered that all they had was sandwiches. Most of us were in the mood for more than that, so we went to Old Chicago. Before that though, in the parking lot, um... well, I hit Miah with my car. Don't worry, it was intentional. Doesn't that make it sound better?

Ok, Miah's got this thing where he can pretend like he really got hit a lot harder than he did. He'll get someone who's moving very slowly in a car to drive towards him, he'll jump up on the hood and when they hit the brakes, he'll "fall" off and roll around some. It's great fun, scares the hell out of anyone watching. Well, evidently I did it wrong. I guess I accelarated into it, because Miah rolled all the way up onto the windshield and bounced off the side of the car, spinning, and landed on his butt. It's ok, laugh, he's fine. It's funny. He just wasn't expecting to "see daylight again before hitting the ground", as he keeps putting it. He's really sore today, and I can't stop feeling bad about it.

Anyway, OC was OC, so that was good, and me and Miah split a pizza so I guess he's not mad at me. After that we went to the concert and OH MY GOD DID IT KICK ASS!!!! Uberzone's set was just freaking amazing. I was RIGHT up front, no one between me and him, and after his first song he slapped me five. Ok, well, I was excited. Then later at the end of his set he slapped a bunch of guys five, including me again. Then I was looking at the floor for some reason and one of his DRUMSTICKS hit the ground! (he plays electronic drums, that's his thing.) I immediately picked it up. So now I have an Uberzone drumstick. This also excites me.

Then The Crystal Method came on. Can I please just tell you that they were maybe better than they were in Tulsa, and that used to be the best concert I'd ever been to? Can I please just tell you about how this was basically a religious experience for me? Can I take a moment out of my day to talk about how freaking sore my muscles are from jumping during their entire 90 minute set? My god do I hurt. Calves, forearms, aforementioned shoulder, hip, and elbow, neck, back, stomach, and yesterday even my voice was sore. But was it ever fun. SO worth it, I swear. I was so exhausted, I couldn't understand how Miah and Kevin decided to go get breakfast at Perkin's AFTER the show. That' s craziness. I went home and showered and IMMEDIATELY crashed. I didn't sleep well though, that sucks. And in the morning our neighbors (not Jess and Shea, but the ones on the other side) were EXTREMELY loud. Tandra took it upon herself to run outside and tell them to shut the hell up, at which point they of course made an effort to be even louder.

Finally we woke up and loaded up our stuff. Tandra and I were in the mood for breakfast food, but everyone else vetoed that. Kevin and Miah claimed they'd just had breakfast yesterday, as though this were some sort of credible reason not to have it again today. Granted, it was nine hours ago and their last meal, but so what? Miah said "that's like saying 'hey, you just had dog shit 9 hours ago, why don't you want it again?'". So that's funny. Anyway, as it turned out, Tandra and I and Miah and Kevin ended up going to the Free State Brewery and having lunch/dinner type food. I was too exhausted and sore to argue about anything, so I just played along. Salmon bruschetta is something you can burp up for hours, by the way.

After that we headed back to Wichita. My transmission started acting up, a bit more than my mechanic led me to believe it would, but we made it home ok. Car's in the shop getting the tramsmission transplanted, as planned, so that's ok. Miah called it the Trannymobile. Miah cracks me up.

So we get home, right, tired as fuck and hot and sore and ready to just be at home, and Tandra says "I'm still in the mood for breakfast food. Miah, do you want me to cook you guys breakfast?" Miah stared at each other in awe and nodded at her with our jaws dropped. So Tandra cooks for us, bacon, eggs, hash browns with peppers and yummy things, and pancakes, while Miah and I just sit and watch the X-Games. How freaking fabulous is that?? She's amazing. And then, as if that weren't enough, after Miah leaves she proceeds to strip me naked, grab some lotion, and give me an all over body massage. Apparently I was snoring about a quarter of the way through. How wonderful is that? She rocks.
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