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feeling pretty good on a Friday afternoon, playing the best mix of your favorites at work

Even when I'm late to work, I always enjoy the few minutes taking the dogs out before I go. The weather all summer has been really beautiful that time of day, even when I could tell it was going to be a scorcher later. Today was one of the coolest mornings (temperature-wise) so far this fall. Driving around at lunch was beautiful. It's that temperature where you almost need a jacket but not quite, and the sun is shining. Fantastic.

I worked up a budget for the next month or so. It's looking like we might actually be able to get out from under the immediate bills here in the next 30-45 days. Just in time for Christmas. That will leave us a good four months to pay for wedding stuff. That's enough time. Really, it is.


Ok, I know it's not. Shut up.

We're supposed to look at sketches of the ring (which we're having custom-designed, it's a firefly) a week from today or tomorrow. We have to make some sort of arrangements with the photographer too. I might do a website for them, in which case we might barter the cost of the deal. I think those are going to be the two main expenses, not counting the honeymoon. We're going to try to go cheap on invitations, decorations, locations, and whatever else, catering I guess. Screw feeding 300 people at $15 bucks a pop, or even $10. F that. Fuckers can eat at Wendy's before they come over. Greedy family-type bastards. This includes any of you who wind up being invited. You want to eat? F you. Want wedding cake and mints? Buy yourself a cupcake and a York's peppermint patty and call it good. Or maybe I'll have my family slave in the kitchen all day every day for a week beforehand. You'll be getting baked beans, potato salad, fruit salad, ham, green bean casserole, beet pickles, watermelon pickles, and ice cream for dessert. It'll be just like labor day without the grilled hamburgers. Hey, we could charge a cover to get in the door at our wedding. To cover expenses. That would offset some of it. I'm sure we could figure something out to jack up the entertainment value, make it worth it.

On the invitation: "The parents of Tandra and Josh invite you to witness as they kiss with tongues in front of people on April 12th... And on the second stage, the bearded lady, elephant man, and a juggling monkey competition. Who can juggle monkeys the longest? Show up and find out. It will be off the hizzy!"


So I have no idea where that came from, but it was fun. In closing, I'd like to say that niggaz like myself kick back and peep game, cause damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

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