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you see, I was having too good a day.

And I was. I was out minding my own business, bee-bopping along. I bought a bunch of video tapes so I can tape the Rally New Zealand this weekend for focalish. I bought socks. I bought a crate of oreos and hair gel that glows in the dark. And I bought a six of Pumpkin Ale. The weather is getting cool out, it's starting to have that crisp feel that makes you think of wood-burning stoves and snow and Christmas lights. It's a good time for Pumpkin Ale. I was hanging out with my girl and her friend (even though they were in a separate car).

And Officer Jane Q. Helper of the Wichita PD decided she wanted to cornhole me for 53 in a 40.

Yeah, I was doing it. Unintentionally, but I was doing it.

But FUCK!! I mean, FUCKETY FUCK!! That's two in two weeks. That means the chances of me taking the first one to court and getting it reduced to an inattentive driving are pretty much nil. That means I'm FUCKED. Especially if three in three years gets me a suspended license. I have one from two and a half years ago that just won't quit hanging on. Fuck speeding tickets. I'm a fucking safe driver.

So I'm pulling out all the stops. I mean, what else is there to do? This can't happen. This isn't an option. I just paid two months of my insurance and one month of Tandra's and it only cost me $100. That's a HELL of a rate, and it's going to go right in the shitter as soon as these fucking tickets hit. And if my license gets suspended, well, Tandra can cart me around, but that's a pain in the ass for both of us. And Wichita is definitely NOT the kind of place you can get around in using public transit.

So I'm calling people. I'm calling on people who might be able to help me. I'm calling on people I wouldn't otherwise talk to, and that makes me feel like a hypocritical user. Like a jerk. I mean, I guess in order to owe someone a favor, they have to do one for you, right? The cycle has to have a beginning somewhere, like in the kindness of someone's heart or in the network of people they know or something. But I feel bad calling on these people when they don't owe me anything. I have no problem subsequently owing them, that's ok with me, but... I don't know.

And if they can't help me I'm calling the best traffic attorney in town. Like I said, this isn't an option. The lawyer might be expensive, but it will be an investment. The ASS thing is, this all comes down to money in the end. This is going to cost me money no matter what. It's just a matter of how I am able to handle it whether it costs me a lot now or a HELL of a lot down the road.

This is ASS.

I caught two spiders. One a few days ago and one today. After consulting my spider book, I've decided they are as follows:

One Jumping Spider, Metacyrba Undata:

And one Crab Spider, Misumenops Celer:

This picture only half looks like what I caught. Her legs and her upper body do look like the picture, but the abdomen is completely different. It's hard to find pictures of Celer spiders online. Mine's abdomen is more the color of the rest of the body, has thin little stripes which are more the color of the abdomen in the picture, and has false eye spots on it.

I put them in the same glass to see what would happen. They don't appear to give a damn about one another.

Why did my socks come in a resealable bag? Is there something I should know about? Will my socks eventually get stale or moldy or rotten if I leave them exposed to the open air? Should I keep them in this plastic bag when I'm not wearing them? I mean, wtf is that?

Well, I'm off to drink Pumpkin Ale, eat a gas station sandwich and watch the Rally. Play nice. Drive fast and take chances.

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