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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

on NPR this morning I heard a story about some of the new cases the Supreme Court will look at this year. One of the cases was a case where some abortion protesters had been protesting outside of a clinic and making it very difficult for people to get in and out. I guess their point was to try to shut the place down. Anyway, they are being brought up on, of all things, racketeering charges. Somehow they're defining racketeering (in this case) as "acting in such a manner as to prevent a business from operating". I hope they get convicted.

Yesterday afternoon we were on the way home from Wal-Mart when we came to a very big and busy intersection. It was surrounded on all sides by no less than 150 people, all holding the same sign that had an American flag on it and said "Abortion Kills" or something like that. I'm glad they weren't the violent pictures of aborted babies, but still. Come on. What, did you guys decide to pile out into the intersection after your potluck lunch after the service? Let's do a protest on Sunday after church, that will be a convenient time for everyone. You can make your own sign if you want, but we will provide some for you. Following the protest we have a revival planned for the evening service. (I hate when people *plan* or *schedule* a revival) Lord, we just want to thank you for the beautiful weather, no doubt provided by you specifically for the purpose of making our protest a success. How do you measure that anyway? What makes it a success? The number of people whose minds you change? Or by how good you make you feel about yourself by "standing up for what you believe"? What a bunch of lemmings.


Tandra and Jess went shopping
I joined them for a little while until
I got another speeding ticket
Then I went home because I was cranky

Tandra and I ran a couple errands
She went shopping with her mom
I did homework
We went out to a new club. It sucked. As usual.

Sunday was cool. Sunday we wandered into an abandoned government building and shot something like six rolls of film. I'm excited to get those developed and posted.

Happiness abounds today. Tandra files for her divorce :-) Finally.

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