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Wow... lots to talk about, kids. Plenty of stuff to get caught up on since Tuesday.

I guess chronologically is going to be the best way for me to remember everything.

Tuesday night
Speech Class. Idiotic drivel from our instructor. And since I forgot to post last week's, you get them both shortly.

9:00A: Worked until 11 at which point I had to leave for an appointment with my allergist.
11:50PM: Left the doctor with a big white paper sack full of drugs and six prescriptions. (Three for allergies and asthma, one for my sinus infection, and two I probably won't use.)
12:00PM: Went by the Science Education Center where Miah works to see the mama Black Widow whose babies escaped and began to crawl all over the Ed Center yesterday. They got *most* of them cleaned up...
12:30PM: Went home to take the doggies out.
12:40PM: McDonald's drive through.
12:50PM: Receive a call from Jess, Tandra's friend. Tandra has passed out in the bathroom, whacked her head on the toilet, and is now puking all over the place.
12:51PM: Bust a fat U-bone in traffic and floor it
12:52PM: Run a red light
12:59PM: ten miles away from the red light, run a stop sign
1:00PM: Help Tandra into my car
1:15PM: Arrive at the ER
4:00PM: Leave the ER with papers that say "You seem to be ok and since you don't have insurance we're not going to run any expensive tests on you since we'll probably never get our money for this anyway." Actually they didn't say that, but I wonder.
5:00PM: Get home after going to get her car (which she felt ok enough to drive home) and picking up my computer from work
6:00PM: I fall asleep and she makes dinner (doh)
6:30PM: Decide to stay home and take care of my baby instead of going to Wednesday
7:00PM: She's feeling much better and I play an hour of GT3
8:00PM: We watch Monster's Ball on PPV (it was pretty good)
11:00PM: We have freakin fantastic sex, after which she says the following:
  • "You made me come nine or ten times"
  • "If Angels had faces they'd look like you"
  • "You're like my own little personal sex god"
12:30AM: Crash out

So it's been quite the interesting 24 hours.

Now I come in to work this morning and I have five projects that everyone wants done NOW. So I've got lots of crap to do. Blah.
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