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Idiot Mouth

As promised, here are the quotes from my idiot speech teacher from the last two classes.

Tuesday, Oct 1:
  • In reference to students giving speeches: "I have to sit through all of them"

  • Upon finding an old project she'd done in college: "I was probably drunk when I did that!"

  • "I don't accept the form of outline that's in your book. I can't process it. Make it easy for me and do it my way."

  • "I don't go to the deep dark South. I have a problem with the South. I think it's dangerous...yeah, they lost."
Tuesday, Oct 8:
  • "...he was all strung out on chemo..."

  • "...most artists are loopy."

  • ".. my grandpa was dying and he was 'finding his soul'" (and then in a very fake, put-on voice) "Oh lord, I'm sad!" (as though to make everyone laugh... the gigglers egg her on.)

  • Upon explaining part of the lecture, she got to one main point on a certain type of Informative Speech and said "You can read that in your book. I don't have time for that in here."

  • Someone sneezed. A few people said "bless you". She said "stop that!" She was trying to be funny, but it's like she doesn't realize she's in a role model position.
She just has this professional appearance, and then she opens her mouth and destroys that impression. The white trash in her comes out and ruins your external perception of her. She's an idiot and she's certainly in no position to be telling people about how to speak to a group.

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