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Well, I suppose our airport is suffering as much as any other.

The Wichita Mid-Continent Airport is a pretty small airport. Generally you can fly to a hub from here and then go wherever you need to go. Dallas, Denver, Chicago, that sort of thing. Not a lot of flights to places like New York or L. A. Recently they brought in some lower-cost carriers with specific flights, like to Chicago and Atlanta and stuff, but a lot of times if you want to get somewhere you can save a ton of money by driving to the Kansas City airport, which is about three hours away. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 miles.

Recently, because of the addition of these new carriers, our local airport has launched a new ad campaign targeting people who drive to KC to fly elsewhere. It's called the "Ditch the Drive" campaign.

Problem is, it's retarded. I personally have never driven to KC to fly out, but my brother has. And that's only because the Navy kind of made him have to do it. No biggie, and that's not my problem with it. My problem is this one particular radio ad I keep hearing.

"Finally, your flight's in, you're home. Wait, my mistake! You still have a four hour drive ahead of you..." Now while you have to drive like a grandpa to stretch that into four hours, that's not my problem. My problem is that somewhere in the same commercial the guy mentions that it's a four hundred mile trip.

WHAT? Okay, first, no, fucktard, it's half that distance. Secondly, and how could you not catch this, what happens if it's both four hours and four hundred miles?

Right. Now while I drive fast, I don't think anyone is going 100 mph as a straight shot from here to KCI.

Stupid asses. Just another example of what you get when you hire a local ad agency to do your dirty work. Our local ads suck so much. It's so obvious when they switch on television from local to national ads because of the quality. There are only a couple decent ad agencies in town, and unfortunately not everyone uses them.

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