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I was SO TIRED this morning. It was really hard for me to wake up.

It was really cloudy and dark on the way to work. The sun wasn't all the way up yet. It was neat. Then it started sprinkling when I got here. I don't want Daylight Savings Time. It will just make the sun be in my face on the way to work again. Remind me never to live west of where I work again.

One quote tonight from our illustrious speech instructor. The context is as follows: One woman in our class evidently "blew her knee out" (whatever that means) between last Tuesday and last night. She had to give a speech today, but her doctor had her all loopy on Percoset. So her speech was pretty short and a bit disjointed. As we were walking out of the classroom for our break, I heard our teacher say to her, "Don't apologize to me, it's not my grade."

What a fucking bitch.

Um, what else... I have oatmeal and orange juice. I love OJ. I love grapefruit juice too. I don't have any money to go to Old Chicago tonight, but I'm going anyway. If the patio is open, we'll ride. I guess that's up in the air at this point. If we ride, we'll probably be sitting outside drinking beer in roughly 50 degree weather. Good times.

I want a nap.

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    Relic, originally uploaded by busychild424 (Josh). Description: This relic is actually sitting unused in one of my classrooms.

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