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I was hoping to find a version of Same Old Song by Sev that has the chanting monks in it like on the Pepsi Blue commercial, but no such thing is to be found. Oh well.

Okay, quotes from Speech class last night:

At one point she was talking about the best speech one of her students had ever given. As evidence of how good it was, she said the following: "His speech was about trying to get people to get out and vote. Well, I had just moved and I hadn't re-registered yet. He provided addressed and STAMPED envelopes along with the little card to fill out. I didn't even have to do anything! I just filled out the card and dropped it in the mail." Is it just me, or does this have absolutely nothing to do with the speech itself and everything to do with the fact that she's lazy as hell and wants everything done for her? (This based also on the fact that more than once she has said "do it right, do it my way, make it easy for me.")

She also finally let loose with her issues, talking about her abusive ex-stepfather and how he was a drunk and they would fight every Friday night. Nice. Because all of us wanted to know that shit. Because we're her goddamn therapist. She should be paying US to listen to that crap. I want a tuition refund.

Another quick quote: "...my drug problem in high school..."

There's a guy in our class named Scott. He's probably 45 or so. He had his first grandchild a couple nights ago. Personally I would imagine he's probably feeling a little old at this point. Maybe not. But our teacher was completely insensitive to that. She kept calling him "old man" and "gramps" and shit like that. He was a good sport, and maybe it didn't bother him, but you'd think she'd employ a little sensitivity. Maybe it's just me.

One of the designs for Motivational speeches that she gave us was the refutative design. Look at that word: Refutative. Which syllable would you stress on that? How would you pronounce it? Here's her pronunciation: re-fyoo-TATE-ive. Seems like it should be re-FYOOT-uh-tive. Whatever.

She also really said the word "disabilitating." Duh.

Here's how I know I'm getting old: I'm excited for Christmas. Not the holiday where you get lots of stuff, but the season. Cold weather and Christmas carols. Since I have digital cable, we have some channels that are nothing but music, no commercials. One of those channels is called Sounds of the Season, and around Christmas time they play Christmas music. Last year I actually listened to it quite a bit and enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to that again. What the hell? This from the same guy who, a couple years ago, was completely fucking sick and tired of hearing the same damn Christmas songs for a month out of the year EVERY SINGLE YEAR... I'm old. I'm beginning to embrace tradition rather than fight it.

My head hurts this morning.

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