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There's this kid downstairs who has Down's syndrome. Today he came in with an orange shirt on and his hair dyed orange. BRIGHT orange. SAFETY orange. It's pretty funny. His personal trainer type person said "hey, you're in the spirit today! Happy Halloween!" and he said "yeah" (like rain man) and then he smiled and said "YEAH!" It was pretty funny.

Today we stopped at the gas station for breakfast. All healthy breakfasts come from the gas station. I got one of those cherry cinnamon rolls (even though it's not cinnamon, maybe you know what I mean) and a thing of orange juice. When we got in the car, Tandra said she had a donut and chocolate milk. Immediately her breakfast sounded better than mine. That's ok though, I'm having the same breakfast today that I had every day in high school. Good times. Sticky though.

I'm feeling pretty good about cars today. My starter and alternator are fine, I just need a new battery. He fixed the brake lights and turn signals for $50. We took Tandra's car out to her cousin's last night and he was able to get the window rolled up. This is all very good stuff.

Every day when my computer starts up, Strong Bad says to me "hello, stupid, and welcome to your crappy computer." And every time there's a critical stop or error message he says "holy craaaap". <insert "reading Dick and Jane novel" voice>I like Strong Bad. He is funny. Strong Bad makes me laugh.</Dick and Jane>

I'm going to download Thriller and Monster Mash now. Bye bye.
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