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instead, my day has consisted of building the photo album application for my website. someday it will dynamically generate the whole application based on what photos exist and what categories they fall into, and I will be able to upload photos to the site. That way I can link to it from the photos I post in the pretentious photo communities I'm a part of.

I hope to finish the application next week sometime. Then I'll start scanning.

We have pictures of:
  • The old run down SRS building we infiltrated (some cool shots in there)

  • my spiders (which are both gone now, one dead and one released)

  • the mansion we stayed at in fort Scott

  • the town of fort Scott and the fort itself

  • photos we took on the way there and back, including the car graveyard

  • photos we took of each other at the park near fort Scott (excellent shots there)
Fun times. Talk to you later.

  • it's snowing!

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    You know what today is? BLUSTERY. heheheh. (Oh, and there were enormous flakes of SNOW falling for a few minutes this morning.)

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    This is what Wichita looks like right now

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