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weekend update, with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey

Received news that my sister is moving out of her husband's house and into my parents. Divorce likely.
Tandra and I ate dinner at Taco Shop
Took sister to see Jackass (loved it)
Drove around
went to a lame karaoke bar (see below)
took sister home
went home and crashed

Woke up early and went to meet my dad at the Boeing Surplus store for a sale they were having
brought home an office chair and a 17" monitor (woohoo!)
ate breakfast and played some PS2
went to help my sister move ALL DAY LONG
got groceries on the way home
ate chocolate malt-o-meal with crumbled up Cinnamon Streusel Cakes and milk in it (extra yum)

Had fabulous sex
Miah came over and we played video games for five hours
got a headache
went to pick up the kids
came home
fell asleep at 8
woke up at 11
played Red Alert 2
went to bed at 3:30 this morning

So that's my weekend. My (soon to be ex, I hope) brother in law is a jackass. I want to punch his face.

We went to a karaoke bar where the name of the bar was painted on a mirror inside, in what appeared to be lipstick but probably wasn't. Their idea of decor was those christmas lights that come in a tube and beach balls hanging from the ceiling. They really went to a lot of trouble to mount the christmas lights straight and all, so it's not like it was just some cheap-o lame-ass throw-it-up-there-and-hope-it-looks-good type deal. I was not enchanted.

My headache yesterday sucked ass.

Overall it was a good weekend though.

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