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Last night my bitch-ass neighbor rang my doorbell and wanted to start some shit. See, a week ago, after reaching my limit of tolerance for his loud fucking mouth and his loud fucking TV, I went over there. I asked if I could step inside and listen to his TV. Maybe it wasn't as loud as I thought it was, I reasoned with him. Maybe our walls are just thin. So I did, and he very shortly became confrontational and started talking shit, so I just left.

Last night he rang our doorbell and started saying the same shit back to me. "Hey, man, can I come in and listen to your TV? It's pretty loud over here, man, I can hear it. It's too loud." So I cussed at him and told him to get the fuck off my porch and stuff. Then I called the cops. Then I called the landlord. Then I called my boy Miah to bring over a video camera based on what I heard the white trash brigade next door saying through the walls. His stupid wife said "he came in your house and intimidated you! He had every reason to be scared when you went to his house! They're not going to do anything because they're FUCKING PUSSIES! They're going to regret that they ever fucked with us. I'm going to have fun tomorrow."

So Tandra took the kids and slept at her mom's because she didn't feel safe. Our landlord promised to serve them with an eviction notice. This is both good and bad. Good because I want them the fuck out. Bad because a) I feel they will retaliate, and b) he had to get his employer to co-sign just to get the place, so this may well cost him his job also. Thus leaving him more free time to fume and be angry and plot his revenge.

So I'm doing two things. 1, I'm getting renter's insurance. TODAY. 2, I'm going to talk with my landlord about transferring our lease to another one of their properties in a different neighborhood. I mean, FUCK, I don't want to move again. This would be the second time I've moved after living somewhere five months, and would be my fifth move in less than two and a half years. Or my second move in less than a year. What a pain in the ass. I'm going to ask him to let me out of a month's rent so I can afford moving expenses as well. I guess we'll see how that goes.

Needless to say, I'm pretty motherfucking pissed off. No one makes me feel threatened in my own home and NO FUCKING ONE makes my FAMILY feel like my OWN GODDAMN HOME is UNSAFE.

The hardest thing about this for me is exercising enough restraint to keep me on the right side of the law. I just want to go over there and smash his motherfucking baboon face in and knock his girlfriend's nasty ass teeth down her throat and shut that fucking whiny ass mouth up.

Ok, I'm done venting. I don't feel better. Bye.
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