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wow, yesterday was fun.

Ok, starting with the neighbor update:
Tuesday night my friend Miah came over around 11 and brought his video camera, as I mentioned. We set that up on the cars. Discreetly, so the camera couldn't be seen. Finally about 1:30 AM I went over to Tandra's mom's house to sleep with Tandra. She has trouble sleeping alone. Finally went to bed around 2. Woke up at 8 and drove home. House was intact, everything looked good. Crashed smooth out again on my bed after calling in to work. Of course, yesterday I had a very important presentation to make at 1:30, so I had to be to work by then. I could not wake up for the life of me until about noon, at which point I showered and got dressed. I knocked on some doors across the street to ask if I could set up the video camera in their living room pointed at my house, but no one was home, so I just went to work. Warily, I might add, since the neighbor's car was home and I'd heard them plotting their revenge, as I mentioned earlier.

So, whatever. I go to work, do my thing, and since I had slept so hard, I had not had time to get renter's insurance. So I make my presentation at work and immediately leave again. I went to get renter's insurance, and I called my dad's old real estate agent to get some advice. When I got home from getting insurance, our landlord was there and had just posted a 3-day eviction notice on the neighbor's door. (Super props to him, he rocks.) The neighbors weren't home. Tim, our landlord, informed me that after doing some looking around, they figured out that our neighbors were late for this month's rent and still late for part of last month's, so in the eviction notice, they stated that as the reason, and said nothing about our complaints. Now our neighbors have maybe a 50/50 shot at putting 2 and 2 together (they are one step above Neanderthal in the food chain), so I'm still concerned. Tandra and I decided we didn't want to be around when they got home and got the notice, so I left the house and Tandra met me at a friend's where we left her car. We found stuff to keep us busy until about 9:15 last night. Coming home made me nauseous with nerves, waiting to get home to all the yelling and drunkenness that was sure to be going on. You know, alcoholics, get evicted, get mad, get drunk, get loud, get obnoxious, get the cops called on them again... ugh. But when we got home, it was dead silent over there. Eerily silent. Unnaturally silent. Quieter than they've been in months, and we heard barely a peep out of them the whole night.

This made me even MORE suspicious because it is not like them to keep a low profile. So I set up the video camera again and this time I actually hit record on it. I think it might have taped three hours before the battery died. See, the battery charger was lost a long time ago, so the only time those batteries get charged is when Miah's friend comes down from Kansas City, since he has the same kind of camera. I'm looking to buy him one if I can find one. Anyway, when we woke up this morning, everything was intact, and the neighbors were gone. This is a deviation from their daily routine. Granted, they got a "get out in three days" notice yesterday, but even in the face of that I'm surprised that they had the motivation to do anything that early.

Before leaving for work, I left the camera raised up a little on the tripod and in plain sight from outside. This pushes them into a situation where they have to make a choice - either a) don't do anything, or b) break in and steal the camera, in which case, go for it, I have insurance and I'll just get another one with a power cord. But I don't think they're that bold.

So that's the neighbor situation as it pertains directly to the neighbors. Now to talk about it as it pertains to my living situation.

I actually had two parts of the presentation to make yesterday, one at 1:30 and one at 4. I was concerned about making the 4 part of it, so I had a guy I work with cover me. When I explained to him the situation, he educated me on FHA loans and grants to cover closing costs and down payments and whatnot. Got me thinking. When I called my dad's real estate agent, he gave me a lot of the same advice and some people to call to ask about financing. When I discussed with Tim the possibility of transferring our lease, he initially said that the only rental property available for that was just down the street. This seemed like an ineffective waste of time to me. When I mentioned getting into buying a house, he said that not only would he let us out of the lease if we purchased one of his properties, but he'd finance us and grant us prior ownership, allowing us to move immediately. This is a really really cool thing of him to do, but when we went to look at the three properties he gave us addresses on, we were less than impressed. So I'm not going to rush into anything, and I'm going to get my own real estate agent, and find out from him about getting out of my current lease if I move to a property not owned by my current landlord.

In short, it looks like I'll be buying a house very very soon. This is exciting as hell to me since Tandra and I spend inordinate amounts of time watching HGTV and Trading Spaces and such. Plus, I need a fenced yard for my dogs and a garage to put outside toys and garden hoses and the like in. This might work out really well in the end. It's like I told Tandra at the beginning of this whole mess: "Life is weird like this. You never know what might result from this. It seems like a pain in the ass right now, but maybe something really cool will come of it." Now that everyone is talking to me about buying, it feels like life is giving me a little shove, saying "hey, keep moving, don't stop here!"

So that's cool.

Yesterday at 4:45 we went to a parent-teacher conference for Nicodemus. My first one. Made me feel a little old, but it was still really cool. He's in preschool. He's scoring about 92% on reading, 90% on math, and 30% on writing. So we have to work on that part.

Yesterday I also purchased a pair of Skechers. What's really annoying is that I can't find a picture of them online. They were on clearance. I got um for fifteen bucks. Not for fun, but because my other work shoes were beginning to smell like popcorn butter. "Nast", as Tandra would say.

Also, I am totally with ironmaus on the fortune cookie issue. If you're going to give me some shit called a "fortune cookie", please make goddamn sure there's a fortune in it! It's not a "clever saying" cookie. Give me some vague prediction that could apply to anybody, like a horoscope. I don't want some shit like what I got last night:

That's ass.

And finally, Speech class Tuesday night, right before all the neighbor shit happened. (For some reason, neighbor drama seems to reach a peak on Tuesdays. Who knows.)

Speech class took a really weird turn this week. For the first twenty minutes of class, we talked about the Carr Brothers' trial. Then, even though people were giving speeches, somehow class was actually fun. Everyone was funny, even our teacher. She was fun this week. She could have easily crossed the line into idiocy, but somehow she didn't. She did, however, provide me with the following:

which reminds me of who she really is. I think she was playing on the fact that Tandra and I were writing notes to each other while people were giving speeches, but whatever. It didn't piss me off when she wrote it because it was funny at the time.


In closing, I would like to say that Storms in Africa by Enya is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. So simple and clean but so good.
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