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Christ, I'm busy. I'm trying to buy a house. I'm trying to talk to a representative at a University so that I can find out which classes I need to take at my current Community College so that I can qualify for the University's degree completion program. I need to find this out in order to choose which classes to enroll in for Spring. This needs to happen soon. I'm going to see a house on my lunch break and two more after work. I am working and going to school full time. I have a speech to write tonight. I have three papers to write by December third. I have another speech due next week.


Waiting to be called back by Wells-Fargo to see how much money I have and how much house I can buy. Waiting to be called back by an advisor/representative person from the University.

Too much going on.

Oh, right, and I don't think the neighbors are going anywhere. I imagine they came up with the money to pay their rent. They aren't packing or anything. On the bright side, it's been DAMN quiet since they got their notice. I imagine the landlord said that if he heard one more complaint about them, they'd be out. It's about damn time they shut the hell up.

We're still going to move though.
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