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I finally saw one yesterday. I was cruising around running errands and I saw a Focus pulling out of a store. I noticed that it had smoked headlights and a more aggressive rear wing than the ZX3. I pulled into a bank parking lot and turned around and said, "Tandra, you'll have to bear with me, I think that might be an SVT." I got closer and sure enough, it was. The guy pulled into a video game store and I pulled in after him and talked to him about it for a few minutes. It was silver but had the same beautiful blue and black interior as yours. I saw the 6-speed gear shifter and everything else. SO BEAUTIFUL. He only just bought it on the 6th, so it only took me ten days to spot it. Apparently it was purchased at a local Ford dealer who he says has been SVT certified for a few years, but usually they don't carry SVT cars. (I have no freaking clue why that is.) Evidently they just happened to have it there when this guy went looking. He said he raced a Probe and was two car lengths ahead before he got out of first gear. He said "dude, it is so fast, it's sweet."


It even had the badging from the local Ford dealer, so I know he really got it there. He said that the people who own that dealership also own an SVT dealership elsewhere and had it brought here for whatever reason.

He also said it costs him about $365 a month, which makes it not an option for me, at least not for a while. That's ASS.

See, it's like those people who can spot counterfeit money. Do you know how they do it? By studying the real thing. That's what I did. I scrutinized every ZX3 I saw because I knew that if I did, I'd recognize an SVT instantly, and I did.
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