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f all that mess

How has my day been ass? Let me count the ways:
  • My Christmas bonus was prorated because I haven't been here a year.

  • My Christmas bonus was also taxed. Those two things made it about $300 less than I thought. Meaning it did not cover Earnest money.

  • I paid the bills, sort of, some of them, parts of some of the rest of them.

  • I got chewed out for being late and decided I will only take two classes next semester instead of four, thusly prolonging my degree and the time when I will earn decent money for the work I do.

  • After paying bills, my mortgage agent decides its a good time to tell me that he needs $400 from me for the appraisal fee, TOMORROW.

  • I have to go home and cram for a test and then go take it.

  • I can't cram until the babysitter shows up.

  • I'm fucking tired and I have to go to class and I don't want to.
How has my day not been ass?
  • My brother called from Virginia or wherever he is. He's in the Navy. Last night he met Art Garfunkel and talked to him and shook his hand and got his autograph. That is REALLY COOL. That's like his dream come true. I'm happy for him.

  • I signed the counter-offer today and officially set things in motion to buy this house. It's effectively mine now. We close on 12/12 and I should be moved before Christmas.

So that's the deal with me. I'm in a crap mood. I want Eddie Izzard to come make me feel better.
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