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a house in two weeks

Ok, after analyzing my journal I've determined the following:
  • That sixteen days from the event which precipitated the decision to buy a house, we have found a house and secured a contract on it.

  • That said contract was secured fourteen days after the actual decision was made.

  • That the sale will close 35 days after the decision was made, and we will take possession 38 days after the decision was made.
This is all very impressive to me. This happened really fast.

I dig that.

In other news, I feel like ass. My throat has been hurting since last night. This could be allergy drainage due to the fact that I ran out of allergy medication two days ago, or it could be strep throat due to the fact that Nic was exposed on the 19th. I suspect the latter since I have achy muscles and a headache as well.

pastorofmuppets is also feeling below the weather.

Nic and Xandria are also sick.

Tandra called our realtor to find out if she could show Tandra and her mother our house. Our realtor said no because the tenants there are sick today.

It's national sick day, apparently. I'm such a lemming. Just going along with whatever everybody else does.

I'm going to go home and RELAX tonight and take a hot bath and lay around the house and try to play hours of GTA:VC before I have to go to bed and go to my dad's house in the morning to move furniture around. While feeling sick. Yeah, tomorrow will suck.

Current house update: The appraisal should happen next week or the week after, as should the inspection. Closing date is still 12/12. I may start packing non-functional items such as shelf pretties and extra dishes and such this weekend. I already packed up my model car stuff.

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