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Remember Devil Went Down to Georgia?

Ok, this is an e-mail forward I just got, so I'm going to lj-cut it since it's bad form to post those. However, either I'm in a good mood because of the holiday weekend, or this is actually pretty funny. I think it's worth checking out (obviously, or I wouldn't post it.)

The Devil went to Jamaica, he was looking to sell some weed.
He was doing fine, they we're standing in line. It was excellent weed indeed.
When he came across a young man who was likewise peddling pot.
And the devil went up the beach and said "Boy, Let me tell you what."
"I guess you kind of figured I'm a reefer head of course,
"and over time I guess that I'm a connoisseur of sorts.
"Now your stuff smells okay but mine could tranquilize a horse.
"I'll bet a million in cash against your stash cause I think mine's better than yours."
The boy said "My name's Johnny, and you ain't smoked nothing yet.
"One hit of this grass will kick your ass, you've got yourself a bet."

Johnny roll a ball of hash and make sure it's the bomb,
cause the Devils got the kind of stuff they smoked in Vietnam
You'll get a million smackeroos in cash if you can cope
but if you can't the devil gets your dope.

The Devil filled a bong with a little Acapulco gold
and resin flew from his finger tips as he fired up the bowl.
He filled that chamber all the way and he took a mighty hit.
And as they passed it back and forth it gave them both a coughing fit.
Johnny cried "Hey man that stuff was great,
now fill your lungs with some of this and prepare to vegetate."

Cannabis Sativa, sweet Mary Jane.
The Devil's in the back yard frying his brain.
ZigZag filled with a diggity dank.
Hold on tight it will hit you like a tank.

The Devil Nodded off because he new that he was stoned
and he asked if he could buy an ounce of the stuff that Johnny owned.
Johnny said "Devil just come on back if you ever want to catch a buzz."
I done told you once you son of a bitch mine's the best there ever was."

And they fired up doobies one by one.
Ain't gonna stop till the bag is done
Green as a bullfrog, sticky as glue.
Granny do you get high? Yes, I do!

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