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Who else's winamp goes from Precious Things by Tori Amos to Woo-HAH by Busta Rhymes? No one's, baby. That's all me.

For lunch Miah came up and bought some military spec boots for $25. We have a few more if you want them, seriously. You pay shipping though. We went to the deli and then went slideways for about fifteen minutes. It was much fun. At one point we were going about 10 down this residential street and a car with an old guy and a little girl was coming toward us. Miah engaged the e-brake which caused the rear end to slide out to the right, pointing our car directly at theirs. But of course he had the wheels aimed straight down the street, so we just slid right by them. Miah faked a scared look on his face and the little girl was all wide-eyed. It was hilarious.

It's a good day.

(I didn't even have to use my A-K.)
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