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court is fun

Except that it isn't. It wasn't that bad though. I waited and sweated and got irritated for an hour and ten minutes while my attorney was across the street in district court, and by the time he showed up the only people left in the courtroom were a prosecutor, the judge, the clerk, the bailiff, a couple attorneys, and one other person in the seats. However, that turned out to be kind of a good thing because my lawyer, the other lawyer, the prosecutor, and the judge were all joking around and stuff. Anyway, both my speeding tickets got amended to Inattentive Driving, which means they will stay off my insurance. However I have to pay $165 on one and $190 on the other. That brings the total amount these tickets cost me to $755. Subtract the amount I would have paid anyway had I just paid the tickets, which is about $320, and you get $435. Do you think I would have spent more than that in insurance premiums over three years? I do.
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