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I left work Friday evening and called Tandra. She said "I've just been in a car accident at 2nd and Hydraulic." I said "are you ok?" She said "I don't know, I gotta go. 2nd and Hydraulic."

So I ran about five red lights, a couple of which consisted of going through an unoccupied left turn lane and then swerving back into my lane. I did this all safely, of course. Well, as safely as you can do 70 in a 40 in possibly slick conditions. I got there in time to see them removing her from the car on one of those hard stabilizing stretcher thingies. That was pretty scary.

She's ok though. Her back is hurt. At the ER they said it wasn't fractured or anything, just sore. She's got an appointment with her regular doctor tomorrow.

Apparently she was cruising along in the far left lane of a one-way street, when some guy from out of town who (says he) didn't know it was a one-way decides to turn left out of the middle lane, thinking it's a turn lane. So of course she plowed into him.

Reasons why I find it hard to believe that he didn't know it was a one-way:
  • There are tons of "One Way" signs all up and down that road

  • There is no yellow line in the middle of the road, only white dashed lines

  • The lanes were not painted to indicate a turn lane, nor was there the proper signal to indicate a turn lane.
Reasons why I do believe he was stupid enough not to realize it:
  • He's from Arkansas.
So that's fun. The car's bashed up enough to make me not want to drive it during the daytime, and the passenger side headlights are pointing roughly fifty degrees up from horizontal and about thirty degrees right of forward, so that makes driving at night a very bad idea. Also the engine is making an odd hissing sound which I don't know if it was making before, and the coolant overflow tank and the battery have been squished back a few inches from their home in the engine compartment. So who knows what else might be wrong with it. We have to take it to get a couple estimates to fax to this guy's insurance company. Guess we'll see what happens.

Other things I did this weekend while Tandra laid in bed:
  • Packed

  • Shopped (a little tiny bit)

  • got groceries
We also went to see Barbershop last night. I think the most productive thing I got out of that movie was a big fat headache. I love Ice Cube but damn... this movie sucked. I hate to say that, but it did.

All right, time to work. I added a guestbook to my website and now I'm going to go make it send me e-mails when people sign it. I might allow people to comment on photos as well. Good times.

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