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Well. Last night I had more beer than usual at Old Chicago, so by the time we left I was feeling pretty good. We went from there to another bar to meet some of Tandra's old friends, and I had a few more there. By the time we left there I was having a hard time seeing one of everything. I spent over $50 last night on food and beer and a little wine for my fiancee.

After I got home drunk, I sent an e-mail to my History teacher including the partially completed results of my history Final. It was due at midnight; I sent it to her at about 12:45. I skipped one essay because I hadn't gotten it finished before. In the body of the e-mail, I explained why I hadn't had time to finish the test, and partially answered the extra credit essay question.

This morning I received a response from her where she told me I got an 80% on the test. I then went to my Sent Items to check out the message I sent last night since I really don't remember it much. There was not a single spelling error, grammar error, there was nothing that made no sense, everything was perfect. I'm pretty proud of that.

After sending her the e-mail, I shut the computer back down, disassembled it and put it back in my briefcase. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and went to bed.

I woke up this morning with a mouth like Death Valley and a headache like death himself. This was at about eight o'clock. I was scheduled to close the sale on my new house at 9. I slowly got up and around and got moving, tylenol, breakfast, shower, dressed. We left the house at about ten till and made it there about ten after. I was trembly, headachey, and still having equilibrium issues. As I was going back and forth signing papers, my head kept going a tiny bit dizzy every few seconds.

This morning I bought a house, drunk.

That is funny as hell.

Ok, I wasn't really drunk, just hung over, and I've had hangovers that were so much worse, but it's still funny.

And yes, we did close the sale, done deal, everything is cool. So that's exciting. My monthly house payment will be six dollars per month less than I am paying in rent.

I'm feeling much better now, but I'm still trembly. That will probably go all day.

Tonight immediately after work I have to go home and cram for my Economics final. Then I have to go take it. Then I have two two-page essays to write for Comp, but those will be easy because they are topics I can write from by just making it up as I go.

Speaking of Comp... Well, in Speech, our last two speeches were the Persuasive speech (where you convince someone of something) and the Motivational speech (where you get someone to *do* something about it). You could do them both on the same topic, so I did mine on idiot drivers. Swiped a lot of the content from an old post I made here. Anyhow, the last paper I wrote in Comp was also a motivational paper. So I just took the outline from my motivational speech, put it into paragraphs, and sent it off. Today I got it back. The first line reads "It has come to my attention that most people drive like idiots, as we discussed last week."

Oops. I forgot to take that part out. But, apparently, my Comp instructor either didn't notice or didn't care, because she didn't mention it and gave me 100% on the paper. So that's funny.

stolen from pastorofmuppets: fucking christ

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