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bro update

My brother called me at some point this morning and left a message. He missed his flight out of North Carolina this morning and ended up taking some other flight to Dallas. He hopes to make it into town by 6 or so, instead of the 1:45 he was looking at before. Maybe I'll get to go to the airport to pick him up this way, who knows. I hope he doesn't get all screwed up or anything.

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    Here's a really good photo essay from a guy in New Orleans documenting the hurricane and subsequent flooding. Fascinating.

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    Keith Olbermann blasts the government in relation to Katrina. Awesome video, transcript here. Video is a very small resolution Windows Media, but…

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    Over lunch I ran to Wal-Mart and picked up some baby formula, diapers, milk, bread, and Pringles. And I felt guilty because there are an awful lot of…

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