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lots of weekend stuff to talk about

Friday night Jess and I went shopping for Tandra. It was fun. Then later Miah and I went to Old Chicago, just the two of us. That was cool too. There was a wait, but Bryce seated us right away in the back. It's good to be regulars. :-)

Saturday, my brother came over and we went over to the old house to move the last couple loads of stuff. When we got there, all the kids' toys were gone from the front yard. Sissy's pink big wheel, Nic's bike, the playskool gym thingy, the red wagon, even our doormat. Gone. I called Tandra and told her and she was NOT happy. So I started running around talking to the neighbors I trusted (which would be exactly ONE household there). They hadn't seen anything, of course. So I knocked on The Neighbor's door. You know, the ones who drove us out of the house to begin with. I got things like "Well, there was a bunch of Mexicans here with a truck and a trailer, but we didn't see them load up anything" and "they knocked on your door" and "Taylor just told us he saw two black kids and a mexican kid here a few hours ago this morning" and "we wouldn't want anything bad on anyone, especially the kids" and all this shit. I didn't know who or what to believe so I just called the cops to make the report in case we decided to make a claim against our renter's insurance. We went on moving and after a few minutes our other neighbor Bobbie showed up. I don't trust Bobbie as far as I can throw her because she's got a big mouth. She doesn't lie or anything, but don't tell her anything you don't want everyone else to know. I asked her if she'd seen our stuff and she looked over at the Neighbor's house and looked back at me. "Oh really?" I asked. She nodded. "You've seen this with your own eyes?" She nodded again. "Will you tell that to the cops?" At which point she started hemming and hawing... "ohh, I hate to get between people..." I said, "Listen, I need you to tell that to the cops if I'm going to get my shit back." "Oh, ok, I will." Later on she called Tandra and said that the neighbors had been watching her kids. When she went to pick them up, she went into the basement and saw all our stuff. She thought to herself "my kids are younger, if Tandra was going to give that stuff away, why didn't she give it to me?" But she forgot to mention anything about it to the neighbors. Bobbie also informed us that James (asshole ape neighbor boy) was wanted. Ha. So we called the cops back and told them we had a witness who knew where our shit was. I guess they will wind up getting a search warrant and looking through the place today. I only wish I could be there when they arrest his dumb ass. Tandra called CrimeStoppers, and if he's arrested on a felony, we might get some reward money.

How funny would that be? What an ultimate "last laugh". Not only were you stupid enough to think you could get away with stealing our shit, but we're going to get MONEY for getting you caught. Ha. How stupid can you be? They are such idiots. I will never ever regret moving away from there.

It's cold, it's cloudy, it's supposed to snow 4-8 inches tonight :-) It's going to be a white Christmas!! And, we get together with our friends tonight to do Christmas. Maybe if it's slickery outside, Miah and I can go slideways! :-)

This storm is moving northeast :-)

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