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I went outside for lunch and got PELTED with huge snowflakes, and tons of them. Then when I got in the car, the Nutcracker Suite was on the radio. Appropriate :-) When I first left for lunch, I had planned on making a journal entry that said "it's not slick yet, but in an hour or two it certainly will be." But by the time I got back, I had slidden around at least three parking lots over my lunch break. I was driving around doing the stuff I needed to do and I passed by the parking lot of the University... you know I couldn't resist. So here's me, with Handel's Messiah blaring in my car, sliding sideways all over the parking lot. It was all kinds of fun. And, they keep raising the estimate for how much accumulation there will be. I love it.

So there's this lady who sits in the cubicle behind me. I finally had to e-mail her to tell her to turn her goddamn cell phone ringer off when she's at work. That fucking thing was on super loud and when she wasn't at her desk it would ring and ring and ring, and then that fucking annoying voice mail thing would beep and beep... it was ass. Finally I just sent her a nasty e-mail telling her to turn it down. She never responded, but the thing is turned down now.

I told you that so I could tell you this:

That first story is an indication that she is an idiot. I will use that as evidence that mini-van drivers suck. Just now I heard her say "I did $5000 worth of damage to my Plymouth Voyager by hitting a parked car while looking at Christmas lights."

Nuff said.

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