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188 entries on my friends page since Friday, and I've just finished reading them.

I can't think of a damn thing to say. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. Looks like I'll be spending it at home with the fam putting the kids to bed and watching Dick Clark or some other fucked up loser shit while everyone else I know has dinner and goes to parties.

Wow, I'm not quite sure where that bit of bitterness came from, I didn't know that was hiding inside. I guess I'm more irritated about being broke than anything else. Damn Christmas. If I had $100 I could have a fantastic New Years Eve. Anyone want to donate? I have PayPal.

This next paycheck is where I get caught up. Hopefully. This is the paycheck where I would have been paying rent, but I'm not. Closing costs paid for my mortgage through the first of February, so I didn't have to pay that for January. Hence, next paycheck is like an extra bonus $600 that I can put towards bills. I hope to get current on my bills for the first time since my car broke down in like, whenever it was, August or something. Of course, this doesn't mean I get to put anything more than a minimum payment on the credit cards, although I'd love to.

This whole "let's pay $400 a month on the credit cards and get them paid off in a year" shit is not happening like I wanted it to. Somehow I'm not surprised.

Here's hoping that the insurance company decides to settle with us for some ungodly amount with which we can knock that out and get a decent car and everything else.

I have nothing to do here. Actually that's not true. I could be pro-active and start learning the shit I need to know for next week, but I don't feel like it.

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