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New Year's Eve

Well, Tandra and I wound up eating dinner at Red Beans, a place that serves Cajun style food. I'm sure it's drastically different from the authentic food, but in the culturally deprived state in which I live (that's geo-political state, not mental state), it's the next best thing. It was even good heated up the next day. We stuffed ourselves so full, however, that when we got home, we were both sleepy as hell. I stretched out on the sofa and Tandra curled up on the floor with a pillow and blanket. She conked out and I watched TV and lacked the energy to move.

Finally at about 10, we decided to ditch two of the three invitations and just make a courtesy appearance at the party our realtor was having. We ended up staying until about 1, and it was a very surreal and strange party. It was filled with people who looked the artsy-fartsy part, or maybe post-retro hippies. You know, women with long straight hair, minimal make-up, wearing scarves as part of the outfit. Men wearing scarves, for that matter. Men who look gay but might not be. Men with Lyle Lovett hair and form-fitting blue denim cowboy type shirts. Everyone else wearing sweaters (and me there in jeans and a t-shirt, as ever...). There were also two greek guys who kept arguing with each other, switching from heavily accented English to totally incomprehensible Greek. They'd argue for a couple seconds, then converse, then separate, then reconvene and start the whole thing over again. I don't think anyone noticed except me.

Some girl who apparently no one knew was there and she was obviously shitfaced. You know - happy lazy smile, no teeth showing, eyes 3/4 shut. Later on when we left, it was discovered that she had gone to wander the city alone and on foot. Always an interesting predicament.

To make it even more surreal, there was no countdown. Someone asked, "hey, what time is it?" and some girl whipped out her cell phone and said "I have... midnight!!" Cheering and champagne immediately followed. No 3, 2, 1, just "Oh, it's midnight, is it? I guess we should cheer now!" It was so strange I almost forgot to kiss Tandra. Almost, but not quite. And to top it all off, there was no TV, no radio, no Auld Lang Syne. What the fuck is an Auld Lang Syne? Fuck an Auld Lang Syne. You haven't had midnight at New Year's Eve until you've had it while Johnny Cash is trying to maintain a note while singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" at you.

Then we went home and had wonderful sex after which I instantly fell asleep.

New Year's Day was pretty damn cool. I woke up at a quarter till one, took a nice hot bath, watched Speed Channel's ALL DAY LONG Rally coverage, had a good online conversation with pastorofmuppets and played my new video game. We went to Wal-Mart at one point, but for the most part the day was spent in pajamas eating leftovers. My kind of day.

That is, of course, until about midnight, at which point my back began inexplicably hurting. A lot. Sometimes when I get really hungry I can feel it in my back a little bit. This was like that, only reversed. My back was hurting in that exact spot, to the point that even my stomach hurt a little bit. I ate a bunch of food, but that didn't help. I tried to have Tandra pop my back - no dice. I had her rub it, I tried to twist and pop and stretch and even laid on the heating pad, but couldn't get to sleep till about 2:30. It sucked. It was really strange. I have no idea what it was, and today I am fine. Well, my back muscles are a bit sore, but the pain I had last night is gone. I'm pretty tired and hungry, but Tandra's bringing me lunch later. :-) She's fantastic.

All right. Well, it's 2003 now. Try not to write the wrong date on your checks and if you're the sort to make resolutions, stick to them or I will taunt you a second time. Make it a good year. Or, just start with today.

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