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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

On December 31st, I spoke with the officer who's handling our case, the case of The Neighbors From Hell who stole our kids' toys. He managed to get ahold of Betsy (Neighbor Bitch From Hell) and scared her into agreeing to give our shit back. However, she mentioned having New Years travel plans. The officer advised her that it was in her best interest to stay in town until I got my shit back.

So I went over there immediately after work that day, and what do you know, they're gone. So I'm wandering around, very pissed off, when I decided to look in the window of their basement to see if I can see our stuff - a window that is on the back side of the house. I get back there and there is all our stuff, minus our doormat, behind the house. So we loaded it all up. So, we got the kids' toys back. Now I get to call the detective and tell him that a) they left town against his orders and b) they didn't give back all our shit. They'll be charged with theft on the one and temporary deprivation of property on the rest. :-)

I had a dream that I was driving a stolen police car. I didn't steal it, mind you, the dream started by me suddenly being in the drivers seat. So I turned down the radios and turned up the music and just cruised around a bit. I started getting worried when I noticed that there were lots of cops around driving really fast with their lights on, but I figured out that there was some high-speed car chase (not involving me) that for some reason EVERY COP IN TOWN was joining into. So I just drove elsewhere and avoided the cops for a while. It was interesting to see how people behave differently when they think a cop is around. Then after a while I started to get nervous again that I was going to get busted, so I turned the police radio back up so I can listen to what they're doing. I never got busted or anything, but I did take the car very fast down some curvy roads (because I was in a cop car, so I could get away with it). That's my odd dream last night.

busychild424 (8:37:59 AM): dude, last night I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond (because I'm a kitchen geek and I had a gift card to spend)
busychild424 (8:38:04 AM): they had this gift pack
busychild424 (8:38:07 AM): thing
busychild424 (8:38:19 AM): it was "brew your own beer" and it had this stuff in it called BEER MIX
busychild424 (8:38:31 AM): BEER MIX?
busychild424 (8:39:13 AM): is that like Tang?? Stir it up in water and voila, beer? How the hell does that work? I thought brewing beer was a time-consuming process including things like fermentation
pastorofmuppets (8:39:18 AM): Tastes like Budweiser wtihout the rice chemistry.
busychild424 (8:40:17 AM): I imagine it tasting like thera-flu
pastorofmuppets (8:40:19 AM): It's ass in a packet.

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