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oh yeah

The Japanese models are coming... like Jaws. The Lancer Evo VIII will have 271hp at the wheels and full-time four wheel drive. The RS and GSR trims will have six-speeds with a top speed over 165mph. Turbocharged, intercooled. Cost - Under $30k.

The Subaru Impreza STi is also coming. This is a 4-cyl turbocharged, intercooled boxer engine with 2.5 liters of displacement. Makes 300hp. That's three hundred horses, at the wheels, or 75 per wheel. Pretty nice. It's also got a manually operated water spray button for the intercooler for periods of hard driving. It has a mandatory close-ratio six-speed. SWEET! Cost - a little over $30k, and production of only 4000-5000 units.

Now all we need is an American Focus RS.
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