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i had a dream i was your hero

Last night we went to Old Chicago. It was good to be back on schedule and to see Kinsey and Miah and D and Jennafer (for the short time she was there). See, Jennafer got all angry at some point and decided she wanted to walk home. Yes, walk. In the forty degree weather. Now no one's going to freeze to death in forty degree weather, but why would you walk two miles home when you have the option of someone giving you a ride? Anyway, when we all suddenly realized she hadn't been back from the bathroom in half an hour, Tandra went after her to give her a ride. But Jennafer was a snot and said "just leave me alone" which pissed Tandra off. I guess they'll work that out amongst themselves.

And no, I'm not misspelling her name. Her parents did that on purpose, so that we would all call her "jen-NAF-fer".

After that, Tandra, Kinsey and I went to the Chalet. I don't usually like going there, but once in a while it's fun, and it was fun last night, especially since Kinsey bought me a beer (thanks!!). Tandra sang "Damn, I wish I was your lover" by Sophie B. Hawkins, and it's been stuck in my head ever since. Not that I'm complaining though, I like that song and Tandra does it well.

Last night I met two people in my dreams. It was really odd. In the second dream, I met that guy I told you about yesterday, Chris Tucker. We were having dinner somewhere, he and I and Tandra, and he was very nice, talking to us and letting us ask him questions and stuff. Then I asked him to do some of his famous shit-talking, and he did. He started talking shit to the staff and the people around us. It was hilarious. Then he flew us somewhere on his private plane. I don't know where.

In my first dream, I met this fellow:

His name is Petter Solberg. Not Peter, but Petter. Rhymes with "better". He's from Norway and he gets paid to drive one of these

in a manner not unlike this

Apparently Miah and I were in Sweden for the rally. There was snow everywhere, so it must have been Sweden, because that's the only snow rally. We were at some pub in the small town around which the rally was centered, and Petter showed up. We got to talk to him for most of the evening and he also was very nice and answered all our questions. Then the next day he took Miah and I in his rally car. Miah was in the co-driver's seat and I was in the back seat, which is odd since Rally cars don't have back seats. He took us through one stage of the rally at race speeds. It was scary as hell going that fast on snow, but I was never *truly* scared because hell, that's what this guy does, and he was damn good at it. He explained what he was doing and taught us about technique all the way through the stage. It was a freakin cool dream.

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