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Bank is hesitant to make a loan on a salvaged title. I have to find a way to talk the guy down a little bit if I want the Cavalier. Plus I have to take it to a body shop to have it looked at. Plus I have to find out what the insurance will cost on it. Certainly more than the loan payment.

I was an hour late to work today. My boss doesn't like it when I'm late and he does shit like leaving a note on my desk that says "It's 8:40 AM, where are you? call me ASAP." He didn't give me too much shit about it and he was nice about it but it still annoys the shit out of me and now I have to work an hour late. It's not like I'm late on purpose and it's not like I think it's ok or don't care about it.

I got an e-mail from school telling me that they dropped me from the classes I was supposed to be enrolled in. I have to figure out what the fuck that's about. So that's irritating too. Everything is fucking annoying this morning. Except Tandra. She's cool.

I wanted to talk about how cuss words are versatile and I like that, but I started thinking that calling them "cuss" words sounds all hillbilly and redneck. What should I call them, curse words? I don't like something about that.

Maybe if I eat breakfast I won't be so cranky.
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