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Bad: The Mystique's transmission is effed up. If you floor it, it doesn't like to shift out of first. It just hits the rev limiter and throws the car around until you ease up; then it shifts.

Good: The dealership is going to fix it at no cost to us.

IHOP has a new special thingy going on... all the pancakes you can eat for $3.99. Trouble is, pancakes are really filling, so saying "hey, here's all the FLAPJACKS you can possibly deal with!" really isn't saying much. Unless you're someone like Anthony*, then maybe you could put away ten bucks or so worth of pancakes. But to anyone who eats like a normal human, this isn't that big of a deal.

(* Anthony is this guy I used to work with. That guy can scarf down more food than anyone I've ever seen. He seriously is a human garbage disposal. I once saw him eat a one pound burger and then finish three other people's leftovers in one sitting. In public.)

Last night my goddamn dog ran away. Bailey, the young one. We went to Old Chicago as per usual, and when we got home, one of the dogs was gone. We prowled the neighborhood in first gear for about an hour before we decided to give up. I decided to cruise both of the streets adjacent to ours one more time. I saw some weird woman standing on her porch so I called out to her to ask if she'd seen my dog. Only time I did this all night. She said no, but when we pulled away, another woman two houses down came running out and said "I think I have your dog!" She did. How weird is that? The one time I decide to ask someone, I'm two houses away from (and within earshot of) where my dog ended up.

The lady was really nice. It snowed last night, so we were worried about Bailey being cold. Apparently this lady found Bailey on her front porch, all huddled up next to her chiminea in which she had a fire going. What a pathetically cute picture. Stupid-ass dog. My guess is that she squeezed her fat ass under the fence where there was a hole, I think from the previous owner's dogs. I haven't seen the holes grow or change at all, so I didn't think she'd been digging there or anything. Anyway, they neighbor's gate was open, so I imagine that's how she got out. We have a few railroad ties and cinder blocks out behind the shed, so I drug those over to the suspect area of the fence as a long-term temporary solution. I suppose we'll line the yard with something heavy and un-diggable-throughable when we redo the yard.

Ha. Some nerd was flirting with Tandra online the other day. Now today he's got a 10% warning level. Dipshit. He's lucky I don't find him and rip his head off and piss on his vocal chords. Punk-ass.

Last night it was ice followed by snow, so of course slideways was the order of the morning. I was late though, so I didn't get to play as much as I would have liked. I expect it will have melted off by lunch, but I'm holding out just a little bit of hope for more playtime. The Mystique has a hand e-brake, but Tandra won't let me make it go sideways. My car has a pedal e-brake, but I've grown accustomed to it.

We should be getting a nice fat check from the insurance company today or tomorrow for Tandra's lost wages. That will slide right into place financing the attorney who will handle our lease situation. On the bright side, I think only one more attorney after this one and we'll be done with lawyers for a while.

Winamp 3.0 has the ability to choose a percentage of opacity for its skins. Kind of useless, but still pretty cool. They've got some bugs to work out though. It has a nice crossfade feature too.

I'm all about this song lately.

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