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I just had the strangest lunch hour ever.

First I went over to the old Hobby Lobby parking lot. Nice and smooth and icy, yay! So I whipped the car around over there for a few minutes. Then I left and went home to get the old crashed car, since I had talked to a place who would take it.

I think I sold my car to the mob. Or a small, disjointed faction thereof. Or at least a chop shop. We took the wrecked car to a place way out on the south end of town to sell it to a guy who, over the phone, told me he'd give $100-$150 for it. Every other place I called either said "we're not interested" or "I can offer you $20 for it." So of course I jumped at this opportunity. Tandra followed me down there, but when I got there, the door was locked and the office windows were all tinted like a cheap porn store. Only the "OPEN" sign was all lit up. I called the office from outside the door and heard the phone ringing inside, but no one answered. So I start walking around the building and I find a window. I look in and there are two guys who might have been Arab or Pakistani or something like that. I knock on the window, they tell me to go through the office, I tell them it's locked, they tell me to come around to the gate on the other side of the building. So, okay, I do that. There are about five late model wrecked Cadillacs back there. NICE ones. Strange, but okay. There's a garage door with no cars parked in front of it, so I go park there. I walk into the building and start talking to these two guys about the car. They have no idea and they're not expecting me, but they express interest in the car. About that time I turn around and a white guy with a goatee and a black wool cap and a black guy with gold capped teeth come through the door I've just come through. They were friendly enough though and also expressed interest, although they too had no idea and were not expecting me. I never did talk to the guy I spoke to on the phone. Anyway, we go outside to look at the car, and I notice that the two new guys have come from behind the building and parked in such a way that my car is blocked in. Intimidating. But in the end I signed the title, they handed over a Benjamin, and life was good. It started to become clear to me that it was a "don't ask any questions, just do the deal and get the fuck out" situation. That place just *felt* shady. I thought to myself "man, I know there is some illegal shit going on in here ALL the time." But I signed the title, handed over the keys, got my money, and bailed. They wanted my address so I showed them that my address was on the title. I didn't bother to mention that I didn't live there anymore. But I got my money, I got rid of the car, I'm good.

So Tandra and I leave there and she takes me back home to my car. Miah swapped me knives last night so he could sharpen mine, and I'd told him I would meet him over my lunch hour to switch back since he had gotten that done. The place where he works, the Science Education Center, is like a little hobby shop. The place where they are now is going to be bulldozed to widen the street, so they are moving to a store that's about a 30 second drive from my house. He was over there doing some carpentry getting the new location ready. Now the parking lot over there is curved, and the parking spots are at about a 45 degree angle to the front of the buildings. So I come along, I see Miah's car, and I hit the e-brake and turn the wheel just slightly to the right. The back end slides out to the left and I turn the wheels back to the left to steer the car around the curve. I maintain this absolutely gorgeous slide for at least ten spaces, WHILE the parking lot is curving to the right, and I'm just sliding exactly parallel with the parking slots, around the curve. I pass Miah's car, release the e-brake and straighten the wheels, and roll perfectly into the parking spot. It was pure art.

Then when I told him I'd taken a two hour lunch and hadn't eaten yet, he furnished me with an unopened 6-inch sub sandwich that he hadn't been hungry enough to eat. Miah's my boy. :-)

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