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Weekend Update, with Colin Quinn

Went to see Maid in Manhattan (it's Cinderella)
Went to hang out with Miah while he worked at the new place, then we went to Old Chicago for a while
Tandra went out with her friends

Bummed around in our pajamas until we got Tandra's check for her lost wages
Went to cash the check
Went to dinner and the comedy club with Jess & Shea

Went all over town and bought curtains, candleholders, and a tree for the living room. I must say, it looks pretty damn good.
Went and picked up the kids

Paid bills (ALL OF THEM!*)
Delivered a letter to the attorneys for my old landlord saying "I don't owe you any money, you bastards, leave me alone." (They won't)
Cleaned the house in anticipation of company
Had piper11521 and his woman and their new baby over for a while**

The weekend, somehow, actually felt longer than three days. That's rare and very nice.

*I got caught up on all our bills. We are completely current with EVERYTHING. It's a far cry from knocking out big looming debts that have been with me for a while, but it's something I've been bitching about since approximately September, so that's very cool.

**piper11521 and I grew up across the street from each other. Now I own my own house and we had them over. It made me think. It's interesting to think about how in small towns (for some reason I picture all small towns as being in Texas... wonder what that's about), people grow up knowing each other all their lives. It's nothing unusual. But I live in a city that's just big enough that he's the only guy who I knew growing up that I still see once in a while. And I've known him longer than almost anyone, even friends I made in grade school. Wichita is just big enough that for me to still see a guy I knew in kindergarten is unusual.

When I was in about the third grade, I had just made my "best friend". His name was Adam and he and I still talk once in a while. We were inseparable in grade school. We went to different middle schools and kind of went our own ways for a while, but then we went to the same high school and hung out quite a lot again. Anyhow, in third grade, a man showed up at our front door and took my family and I to dinner. When I asked my parents who he was, they explained that a long time ago he had been a friend of the family, and he was in town so he wanted to see us. I was puzzled by that because I couldn't understand why, once you were friends with someone, you would ever stop being friends. It seemed unnecessary and sad. My parents said that sometimes you just fall out of touch with each other. I couldn't stop asking why. I promised myself that I would never do that; that I would always remain friends with those with whom I had good relationships. That has shaped a lot of who I am in terms of friendships. That's what has made me (almost) always try to be friends with ex-girlfriends. That's what makes me try to preserve friendships in the face of difficulty. Of course, I've grown up. I'm not so naive now. I understand that people grow apart. I accept it as a part of life. Perhaps not as readily as some people, but I accept it. It still makes me sad though.

Side note: I switched back from Winamp 3 to Winamp 2. V3 just has too many bugs yet to work out.

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